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Late bloomer blossomed during JCU postgraduate course
and pursued doctorate soon after

When Timothy Hsi graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and geography in 1994, he had always considered himself an average student. This was to change when he enrolled for James Cook University’s part-time Master of Guidance and Counselling programme at its Singapore campus after working for 10 years. Not only did he excel in his studies, he graduated as the top student of his class. That became a turning point in his life, as the learning and self-confidence he gained spurred him to pursue his doctorate in education soon after. As a believer in learning by teaching, he has continued to learn as a professional trainer, academic teacher and volunteer leader in his chosen field. He’s also found his passion in helping others in their career development as a coach, consultant and entrepreneur.

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Never too late to restart learning journey in school
after many years at work

Since leaving the Institute of Technical Education to join the Republic of Singapore Navy in 2003, Kunal Ghanisham knew he wanted to pursue higher education later in life. Not only did he go back to school after an absence of nine years while still serving in the military, he was relentless in his pursuit since 2012 till today. Each new learning milestone led him to another as he progressed along the way on his learning journey. He is currently completing his part-time postgraduate programme in engineering to earn his master degree from a UK university through PSB Academy in Singapore. So determined is he in wanting to help change the world for the better that he has already set his sight on a doctoral journey, which he sees as both a need (for a research career) and a want (for self-actualisation). For him, that’s only just another beginning in his lifelong journey of personal and professional achievements.  

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